Living With Art of Your Family

What would you enjoy looking at the most each day? A painted still life? An abstract watercolor? A collection of modern graphics? Or art that depicts your unique family and your connection?

For me, and for my clients, we would choose the last one.

Why? Because looking at art of our families makes us happy. The images remind us of fun times, of hugs, laughs, and days gone by. We all know how quickly the years fly by. We want to remember everything, and portraits help us do just that. Portraits also remind kids that they have a family where they belong....they love seeing these portaits every day too. And, they know someone loved them enough to hang their portraits on the wall.

When I walk around my house, I see a lot of portrait photography. And, no matter how I'm feeling, even if it was a really bad day, the images of my family ALWAYS make me feel better. This is US. My peeps. I would rather enjoy this type of art then any other. And, that says a lot coming from an art historian!

Here are some images of LHP art hanging in a client's home. I love the simplicity here. Would you like to create a gallery wall of portraits in your home? We can help. And, we promise you will love looking at your family art every single day.

(Framed images are by me, Lena, and the last three are by my second shooter, Courtney.)

lena hyde