lifestyle ranch shoot


I just returned from a few days in Florida for what I think was my all-time favorite project to date.

Here's a peek at some items on my shot list:

  • large and small chicken coops
  • barn, interior and exterior
  • front and back pastures
  • mini barns
  • obstacle course
  • ponds
  • white sand beach
  • arena
  • 10 breeds of chickens
  • horse training in round pen
  • horse driving over bridge
  • kids feeding tortoises strawberries
  • grooms hand walking and grooming horses
  • groom dropping hay
  • 11 miniature horses individually
  • goats playing on goat gym
  • donkey group
  • six large horses photographed individually
  • all staff headshots

Of course, the day I arrived the weather went from balmy to downright scorching. I don't think I have ever been so hot, dirty and exhausted or drank so much water...but I also loved every single minute of the experience.

Oh and the best part? As I was packing up to leave after Day 3, a miniature horse decided to give birth in a pasture. Take a peek at the little foal with her mama at just a few minutes old. Pure magic.

lena hyde