Visiting Havana Cuba

I just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Havana, Cuba with a group of close friends. We did so much, it’s almost a blur, but I have some of my favorites listed for you below the images. Do reach out if you are planning a trip; I have some incredible people to refer to you for driving and tours of a lifetime!

My Havana Must-Do Experiences:

Dinner at Ivan Chef Justo Paladar
Owned and operated by one time private chef of Fidel Castro, the restaurant is located on the second and third floors of a building that is over 200 years old; there is a comfortable airy feel to the restaurant and the food is excellent. 

Havana Day Tour
Walking tour in Old Havana, the city ́s Historic Center, and a ride around New Havana ́s main neighborhoods: Centro Habana and Vedado. Finca Vigia; Ten miles east of Havana near the small fishing town of Cojimar is Hemingway's home - Finca Vigia, meaning "lookout house". Here, Hemingway wrote two of his most celebrated novels: For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea. 

Sr. Gustavo Silvino, Sommelier
Cigar expert offers a rum and cigar tasting. He pairs cigars with the best Cuban rums and explains everything about how cigars are made and smoked.

Convento de Belen
Visit a community project where senior citizens are permanent residents and dozens more come daily for activities, meals and medical care. Convento de Belen also provides services for mentally and physically disabled children and operates a daycare center for young children. Donations of all kinds are much appreciated here.

Panoramic tour in classic cars

Dinner at La Guarida Paladar. 
On the top floor of a spectacularly dilapidated Havana tenement, the ambiance, art and food are absolutely incredible.

Tropicana Night Club
The open-air cabaret show is little changed since its 1950s heyday, with scantily clad señoritas descending from palm trees to dance Latin salsa amid bright lights.

Dinner at El Cocinero Paladar 
El Cocinero is a paladar that used to be an old vegetable oil factory located in Vedado. Dinner on the rooftop terrace is magical and the food is also some of the best I had in Havana.

Fabrica de Arte
Fabrica de Arte is a must-see nightclub, performance space, and art gallery hybrid in Havana. Art enthusiasts of all varieties gather in this span of exhibition spaces, featuring modern and traditional Cuban art. Genres of art include architecture, visual arts, cinema, dance, graphic design, industrial design, photography, fashion, music, and theater.  

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