For over 10 years, Lena's groundbreaking company, Design Aglow, has been a leader in online resources, information, and products created for 50,000+ professional photographers around the globe.

At Design Aglow, you’ll find instant solutions for the boutique photo studio. From Photoshop and InDesign templates and intelligent marketing tools, to turn-key selling kits and products, Design Aglow has everything a professional photographer needs to turn a photography business into a success. Their products are always original and are recognized for setting the highest standards in the industry.

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I have been using Design Aglow products since its inception, and they are by far the best in the market. The products are versatile, elegant and modern, and can work with any marketing- which makes them totally irresistible! I can honestly say my Design Aglow products are the only thing in my business that have stood the test of time!
— Kelly Hite


When it comes to photography books, the better ones typically fall into one (but only one) of these categories: strong on technical info, strong on inspiration and/or theory, or strong on sample images. Happily for me, this guide excels on all three counts!

The images are stunning, and the accompanying text gives not only the actual camera settings, but also specific tips on working your subjects into the illustrated poses, suggestions for ALTERNATE ideas in the same setting, and practical “housekeeping” tips (such as warming a surface with a warm heating pad to make it comfy for baby).

The book is arranged in sections according to age, number of subjects, and relationships. I can honestly recommend this resource without hesitation! It will surely be one of the most-used books on my shelf. Oh yes, it’s also beautifully produced.
— ~Amazon Review

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Turning goals into actionable accomplishments doesn’t have to be hard. Our team created a simple and effective system for getting things done. Whether you’re a photographer, cinematographer, event planner, blogger, florist, or student, The Big Picture’s simple aesthetic and practical approach will help you achieve those goals, big or small. With fillable dates, the flexible calendar allows you to start any day you’d like. Why not today?

The Big Picture Planner has been one of our favorite tools...It has transformed the way that I do business, creating a streamlined process that is both organized and efficient! Plus, it is super easy to customize for your own business needs. Compared to other planners on the market, this is the most well-rounded planning tool I have used!
— Katie Lamb

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