We are so pleased you have chosen Lena Hyde Photography and look forward to working with you to exceed your expectations. Custom portraiture is an investment in beautiful artistry that will be treasured for generations to come and we are committed to capturing your portraits in an original, artistic, natural way, creating the heirlooms that will become your family’s history.

This welcome page shares what you can expect from your experience with Lena Hyde Photography and provides helpful, important information about the uniquely rewarding experience we offer.


The first question we hear from most clients is, "How should we dress?" What you wear is key for a successful session. Clothing complements who you are as a family, speaks to the environment in which the session is taking place, and coordinates with the home where final images will be displayed. Your style should be as unique as your family, so we’ve put together some clothing suggestions for a flattering portrait session. If you need additional assistance, feel free to email us. We would love to help!



For the whole family

Be sure to plan your outfits completely well before your session. Here are some general guidelines for making picture-perfect fashion decisions:

  • Choose a palette of 3-4 colors and mix it up, including both pants and dresses. You want a cohesive feel, but without being overly ‘matchy-matchy’. Picture a page in a J.Crew catalog where everyone coordinates, but nobody stands out more than the rest.
  • Light clothes look better in light settings, and dark clothes look better in dark settings.
  • Generally, sleeveless shirts and shorts on adults tend not to flatter, but layered clothing is fabulous.
  • Arrange your outfits ahead of time on a big bed, including accessories and shoes. 
  • Make sure all clothes are clean and pressed and on hangers a few days before your session.
  • Remember, shoes must be clean and complimentary, too.
  • If you're at home, bare feet are perfect!





Newborns are sweet, sleepy bundles; keep things simple.


  • solid onesies, simple cloth diapers or diaper covers, and plain or patterned swaddling blankets 
  • knitted caps, which are adorable for a few images
  • a few special/classic props, like heirloom silver rattles 
  • extra blankets for variety


  • grown-up clothes, with collars and buttons
  • socks, shoes, or big bows


Babies and Kids can be bolder with color and style.


  • to show off their fun style with layered clothing
  • nonfussy, casual clothes to keep kids comfortable and for natural expressions of their real personalities
  • fitted clothes


  • overwhelming accessories like big bows and headbands on infants
  • any sort of makeup or hairspray
  • baggy, oversize clothes





  • clothes that flatter your body type and coordinate well with the rest of the group
  • solid colors or simple patterns, which usually photograph best
  • a well-groomed look for men
  • to have hair cut a week, or so, before the session (men)
  • to have hair styled before the session (women)
  • to have natural makeup that is slightly heavier than usual


  • very dressy clothes, unless it is a formal event  
  • sleeveless shirts and shorts, which tend to not flatter adults 
  • logos and bold patterns



We will gladly retouch boo-boos, scars, and blemishes if required. Our clients love this extra service.


Know which clothing to choose for the best session ever?   If not, don’t despair. We’ll share what to wear.


bright colors
layered looks
clean, stylish shoes
a week old haircut
manicured/trimmed nails
simple accessories
glare-free eyeglasses
a squeaky-cleaned face
        (for kids and babies)

loud patterns
wrinkled clothes
big white leather sneakers
a new haircut
cell phones & wallets in pockets
distracting, trendy jewelry


 J. Crew /Crewcuts, GAP, Boden/Mini Boden, Nordstrom



Before the session:

  • We will chat about your goals for the session and the keepsakes you are most interested in, either at the studio or via phone.
  • I am happy to provide feedback on clothing choices, just send over a photo or online links.
  • If you visit the studio, you can see our wall galleries, canvases, frames, albums and folio boxes. 

At the session:

  • I’ll arrive right on time, please make sure everyone is ready to have fun, and not stressed.
  • I will touch base with you to review our plan for the session. 
  • I will take a little time to get to know your child and let them get used to me before we begin shooting.
  • Please give me a little space with your child so they do not feel as though they have to “perform.”
  • I will make sure no one is forced to do anything they do not want to do, i.e., say “cheese” or pose in a fake way.
  • I will also ask everyone to put their best foot forward and be happy, since adults set the tone for the children.
  • The session generally lasts about 60 minutes with time for a break and/or small snack, if necessary.
  • If an adult family member is rushed for time, I can complete all of their portraits first and we can finish without them.

After the session:

  • Your portraits will be culled to the absolute best of the best, usually 30-35 images for a standard session.
  • All images will be color corrected, cropped, and prepared for presentation.
  • Within 2 weeks, we will conduct your design session at the studio, where you will make product selections and place your order. We will have lots of ideas for you! Please bring any wall measurements you are considering for artwork and ensure all decision makers are present. 
  • Your order will be processed and completed within 3-4 weeks (slightly longer during the holiday season).
  • We will archive all of your ordered images for reorders. 
  • We will call you as soon as your art arrives.


In order to provide an attentive experience to all our clients, please note the following policies:

  • No camera/cell phones are allowed at sessions, or at photo or order sessions.
  • In case of rain or severe weather, the studio reserves the right to postpone the session, but for no more than 3 weeks.
  • Sessions may be rescheduled by the client once; otherwise the retainer will be forfeited.
  • Due to the custom nature of portraits, all orders are paid in full at the design session.
  • Our studio accepts cash, checks, and credit card payments.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice, but current pricing at time of booking is honored for one month after sessions occur.
  • To make room for new clients, unordered images will be purged from our systems 30 days after your session. Ordered images will be archived in our system for holiday cards and reorders.
  • Our complimentary design session takes place 2 weeks after your portrait session at the studio, weekdays 9-5. If you request additional meetings, our hourly rates will apply. 
  • Printing, copying, downloading or scanning images is strictly prohibited.

If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to working with you!

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